Information is power, the more you have the better your marketing will be.

A Keyword and Competitive Analysis is the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization initiative.  The Keyword Research is the process of selecting the optimum keywords and keyword phrases to be used in your content to help visitors find your site. In building your web pages you can fine-tune them for better ranking with the major search engines, but it will amount to nothing if the right keyword phrases are not targeted. Even if you achieve high search engine rankings, you may not get relevant traffic if you select the wrong keywords. So, before you do anything else, build your SEO foundation by identifying your target audience and researching what keywords or phrases they are searching in the search engines to locate what your web site offers.

A detailed analysis of your competitors will provide insight into their rankings, PPC campaign efforts, which will be used in conjunction with the keyword analysis.

There are several tools that help us define this list.  A lot of times, clients will “feel” or think that this is what the keywords need to be, however, once we start the research, we will find something else.  This is not uncommon, because we are all close to our trade and our perception can be narrowed by this.

Once the analysis is done, we are ready to implement in web site content, meta information, website tags and adword campaigns.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Management

Digital advertising campaigns are essential to any successful business growth.  Our team are experts in Google Ads, Bing Ads, FB Ads and more.  We work with you to develop an advertising strategy with ROI goals.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing environment and it is necessary to stay on top of the changes.  We are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve to help optimize our clients' websites to increase their SERP's results.

Social Media Management & Strategy

Social Media is very important in several areas.   It identifies your Brand's voice, products, messaging and more.  Our team will work with you to develop a strategy to build your audiences and target them.  Our tools will analyze the data and help deliver a good ROI on our efforts.

In-Depth Analysis

The cornerstone to developing a successful website and marketing a client's company is to do the groundwork.  We conduct comprehensive competitive and keyword analysis reports that will provide information to use in website design, content, social media and marketing campaigns.

Website Development

The BKS Marketing web developers start with communicating with the client to learn their business and their ideas to develop an outline prior to development.  All websites are set up for optimization and mobile friendly. 


Blogging and article writing are important to your business.  Well written content demonstrate your company as an industry leader.  Press releases are also a key tool to let your audience know about important things happening with your business.  All of these elements also provide great social media posts, linking opportunities and keyword targeting for SEO.

Brenda Sigurdson (BKS Marketing) was referred to us about two years ago from a person within our company, Houlihan & O’Malley Real Estate in Bronxville, NY. Our particular area covers the local residential market. As anyone knows, in Real Estate, lots of things come up at the last minute and Brenda has always been able to come through for us with getting the information out there- whether it’s featuring a listing or posting a weekend open house on Facebook. She and her team was pivotal in getting our new and improved website up and running. She listened to our needs/requests and responded accordingly-and if she couldn’t do it, she brought in appropriate technical help to get it done. It is a pleasure working with Brenda, both personally and professionally.

K Clarke

Treasure Pools & Services hired BKS Marketing a little over 10 years ago to help build out our website, social media, SEO and SEM efforts. During that time we have done a couple of evolutions to the website to keep in current. Through BKS Marketing’s efforts we have seen our rankings and traffic continue to grow. We have also seen a great growth in business from the SEO and SEM efforts. Working with Brenda Sigurdson is a pleasure, she is a constant professional and great communicator.

C Cohen

When one of my clients’ needs their brand built or improved and needs to make more of an impression on-line and in social media, Brenda gets my call! Her knowledge & abilities make her an obvious choice, but it's her personality, patience and enthusiasm that seals the deal.

J Irving

I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda in many capacities since the mid-1990s. Brenda has continually evolved in her career and offerings, but at her core, she is a great advisor in marketing and brings that to her client's table, every time. Her passion is client promotion and results!

P Mennuti

When I have a client that needs SEO or PPC work, I always reach out to Brenda Sigurdson to help them in these efforts. I have worked with Brenda and BKS Marketing for over 20 years and I think she's perfect for helping to drive website traffic to increase revenue for clients. She is my favorite “SEO Diva”.

D Barnum

Our firm has worked with Brenda for 2.5 years now. Brenda is a dedicated professional that knows her craft. She is fair, honest, and hard working. The results speak for themselves as our business has grown substantially since we began working with Brenda. We are a smaller firm, but Brenda still gives us the same amount of time and support as her larger clients. I cannot think of a single time that we've needed Brenda's help and haven't been able to speak with her within the hour.

R Salinaro

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