You listened to everyone when they told you that you needed to have a business website if you wanted to keep up with the competition. However, simply putting up the website and letting it sit stagnantly is not going to do you any good at all. You might find that your site is not working for you as it should be. You might even find that you are losing money on your site, and there could be a number of reasons for this.

If your website is not performing, it may be time to do a website redesign. However, this does not mean that you should redesign your entire site every time there is a slowdown. Below are some of the times that a redesign does tend to be the right option.

The Website Does Not Provide Leads or Sales

If you find that your website design is not doing anything to help you generate any sales or leads, you will want to take a closer look at it. It might be time that some or all of the site was redesigned. If you can’t see anything wrong with your site, you may want to consider talking with a professional who can look at the site with an unbiased view to let you know whether a redesign might benefit you. If you do not have any sort of conversion funnel as a part of your site, you might also want to think about redesigning part of the site. A conversion funnel is a path through which a visitor can convert their visit to a sale.

You Have an Old Style Design

Antique and retro work well with some things. However, they do not work well when it comes to your website. If you have an outdated website that you have been using for years, chances are it is not doing you much good. As times change, so do preferences in site design and usability. Old and outdated sites also tend to perform poorly compared with newer, upgraded websites. Make sure that your site looks great and works great for your visitors.


If you have an older site, chances are good that you did not think about developing a mobile-friendly website. However, many people today use their phones or tablets to visit sites on the web. Redesign your site to make sure it looks and works well no matter the device that’s being used to view it.

There are many reasons that you might want to choose to redesign your site. Your goal should always be to make sure that the visitors get the best results possible when coming to your site.

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